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Rana Digital is the India’s leading Mobile Messaging Company. Rana Digital provides Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, DND SMS, Misscall Solutions, Voice Call Solutions, Website Development and promotion & many more Digital Communication Services. We believe in helping businesses solve their SMS marketing challenges.

Rana Digital provides easy bulk sms solutions help you send messages to multiple users with the extremely user-friendly interface.

Sending SMS has always been trending and has never gone out of fashion. The way to communicate with the crowd is that it is a means of communication that does not require receiving calls or having long conversations. Bulk SMS service is a way to reduce marketing efforts and get better results.

Our Mission

To make text messaging marketing a simple and easy to use worldwide process. SMS marketing is a highly developed and result oriented advertising process. Businesses are using content service to market their services and products in an efficient way.

Bulk SMS has gained huge value in the SMS marketing sector in the last few decades. Many businesses are demanding successful bulk SMS applications to send promotional messages to their target receivers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading Bulk SMS provider in India, providing end to end solutions for various Institutions and organizations. And Promote their business across in India.

Our Vision is to create a sustainable, simple communication platform for businesses to seamlessly communicate to their customers,To provide a seamless flow of information globally and eliminate the language barrier for easy communication.

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